Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Mole Removal

Mole Removal is an operation often made in many countries worldwide. The level of modern surgery gets higher every year. So nowadays more and more people trust specialists of mole removal.

Moles are benignant tissue neoplasms that can be inborn. They can also appear under different factors' influence (sun influence or some kind of viruses). Mole removal is necessary when there is any kind of risk to damage them. For example, mole removal is strongly recommended if one spends a lot of time under the sun rays. The other reason for mole removal is rubbing that clothes can cause. Under these factors moles can turn into the tumour.

Mole removal can be realized by electrocoagulating or surgical method. The first kind of mole removal operation uses the stream of high frequency. The specialist cuts away the neoplasm and at the same time cauterizes the tissue around. The rehabilitation period after this operation lasts about one week. After that the crust left after mole removal is taken away. The skin under it becomes smooth. It can be a small light scar on it.

The surgical method of mole removal means its dissection. As a rule it is used when the size of neoplasm is rather big. The rehabilitation period also lasts about one week. Then operational stitches are taken away. The treatment after both kinds of operation is absolutely simple.

Before every operation the provenance of mole must be studied by the doctor. After that specialists finds the best way of mole removal. Moles removal is the best way to protect our health from potential risk. It's an effective and radical method to remove the mole forever.

See Mole Removal before and after pics here.

Mole Removal News

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