Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Breast Lift

During pregnancy and after childbirth woman's breast can lose its usual shape. The milk produced for breast-feeding makes mammary gland bigger, so after it disappears the skin becomes stretched. The result is hanging-down of the breast. The same processes occur when the weight is put on and then lost quickly. Another reason for hanging-down of the breast is general organism's aging.

In these cases Breast Lift operation can be recommended. There are plenty of breast lift's modern methods. As practice shows they help to improve the shape of mammary gland. After breast lift this part of the body looks much younger and filled.

During breast lift the excess skin is removed from its lower part, mammary gland is formed like the cone and nipples are transferred higher. If the gland is of small size, the breast lift can be combined with the breast augmentation. In this case the surgeon forms the "pockets" and puts implants there. So the breast gets much bigger size.

Specialists of breast lift admit that this operation gives best results when the hanged-down mammary gland is rather small. Nevertheless, surgeons can treat the gland of every size. Type of scars that appear after breast lift depend on the procedure kind. They cannot be absolutely invisible but usually their size is rather small.

Many women in different countries realize breast lift when their children are not so small and there are no plans concerning another pregnancy. Before breast lift operation it's strongly recommended to stop smoking, to lose excess weight and to make detailed check up of mammary gland.

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