Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Laser Hair Removal

Excess hair in all areas of the body can be escaped with Laser Hair Removal. It's an operation influencing on the hair follicle without skin damaging. During laser hair removal every single hair is ruined. It falls out and doesn't appear again.

Laser hair removal influences on the melanin - dark pigment in hair structure. During this kind of epilation laser quickly warms and then ruins cells with high amount of melanin. For radical result it's better to realize laser hair removal not one but several times. Young and dark hairs are removed most effectively.

Laser hair removal is applied successfully more than 20 years in different parts of the world. The depth of laser penetration is from 1 to 2 millimetre, so it reaches the hair follicle only and doesn't damage anything else. The consequence of the procedure is light reddening like we can have after intensive sun influence. After several hours this effect disappears.

The whole cycle of hair growth is from some months to one year. So laser hair removal must be realized step by step. The best results are reached after several months of periodical procedures. It's not recommended to do laser hair removal if the skin is very tanned. Nevertheless, there are new types of modern equipment that minimizes the risk of burn. Hair that can appear after laser removal is soft and thin. The amount of the hair decreases significantly after two or three sessions.

Today laser hair removal is considered to be the most progressive, safe and effective method of epilation. Strong and long-lasting effect of this operation is proved scientifically.

See Laser Hair Removal before and after pics here.