Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Tattoo Removal

Statistic shows that among people with some kind of tattoo there are about fifty percent that don't want to have it anymore. The reasons for tattoo removal can be different. Those are changes in image, style of life, way of thinking. Besides, after long time body pictures can look worse visually. For people who changed a lot or consider this attribute not so esthetic anymore the best way to do is tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal is an operation realized with the laser mostly. During tattoo removal specialist treats the whole body picture. The laser influences on a paint decolourizing it. As a rule, this paint is situated not so deeply in epidermis. During tattoo removal skin is not damaged. The results of this operation can be noticed immediately.

Tattoo removal procedure can be done five or six times. But if the picture isn't a professional work it's possible to remove it during the first session. Duration of tattoo removal process can also depend on the structure and the colour of the paint. The only area laser contacts with is the tattoo itself. That's why this kind of tattoo removal is less traumatic than other ones. During laser tattoo removal all patient feels is just a light "burning" on his skin, but the whole operation can be called non-painful. Laser is also used to correct picture's contours if they are fuzzy.

Surgical tattoo removal is also often used all over the world. It's a way to remove the picture by cutting away a thin stratum of the skin. The paint tattoo consists of is situated higher than sweat glands and hair bulbs are. So surgical tattoo removal gives the opportunity to restore patient's skin by cells' regenerating. Cells that grow after the operation don't include the paint, so with time skin looks like usual body area. Factors that are important to take into account before starting surgical tattoo removal are patient's age and sex, the thickness of his skin, tattoo area and depth of paint penetration. Tattoo removal is a hard process that only specialist can realize.

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