Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the complicated plastic operations. The main process of rhinoplasty is changing nose contour by surgical manipulations on the osteochondral part of the nose. Rhinoplasty gives the opportunity to change its shape, to remove different defects and to solve problems with breathing if they exist. Rhinoplasty is often called an esthetic operation. It can be realized after 15 years only (it's the period when face forming finishes).

There are two types of this operation. Those are opened and closed rhinoplasty. Before the procedure surgeon studies patient's breathing function. It's necessary for making breathing process easier with the rhinoplasty. On the diagnostic stage modern equipment of the clinic is important.

Rhinoplasty can be divided into total, partial and posttraumatic. The total rhinoplasty deals with nose shape. It's connected with all kinds of tissue: osteal, cartilage and soft. Radical rhinoplasty can change structural parts of the external nose: it reduces the size, removes the bulge, makes the nose narrow, etc.

The partial rhinoplasty changes the shape of the nose, dealing with some external parts of it. It's not necessary for partial rhinoplasty to change the osteal tissue.

When we talk about posttraumatic rhinoplasty we mean operations realized after car accidents or another casualties. As a rule, in these cases rhinoplasty includes the correction of breathing process.

The fixing bandage is taken off one week after rhinoplasty. After several months the shape of patient's nose changes. This effect stays forever. Changing appearance a lot, rhinoplasty helps people worldwide to look and feel much better.

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