Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is an abnormal enlarging of glands in the mammaire of the males, with sometimes occurring milk secretions. The old people with the teenager can be affected by this condition. Sometimes, the boys of an adolescent age can become extremely afflicted because of Gynecomastia. Obesity is not the cause of majority of this condition as some think. The true real cause is always unknown. Response of fabric and the male? the hormonal imbalance of sex of S was not associated it but not a factor of determination as causes this condition. A narrow examination by a doctor is necessary for a diagnosis of this condition. Ultrasounds, the mammographies and x-rays are usually made to help to confirm the diagnosis as well. The test of blood can also be added to eliminate all the other fundamental diseases or causes for Gynecomastia. The treatment can be made while making make a male process of reduction of centre by a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the cases of Gynecomastia at the men. The doctor will upwards program a physical and medical work complete before the surgery, which will include more examining blood, of radiographies of the chest and probably a different mammography. To put to the doctor all the questions what can be important for you, more than you know and include/understand concerning the easiest surgery and improve your road with curative and the re-establishment will be. See Gynecomastia before and after pics here.