Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Body Lift

A process of elevator of body gives the buttocks, the abdomen and the thighs an improved aspect. Grease and the skin excessive are removed caused most of the time significant loss of weight, cellulitis or bending and to fall caused children from bearing or ageing of the body itself. Body Lift To program a consultation with plastic surgeon a skilful and qualified. To look at the surplus very with him before and after the images of other patients it carried out this process above. He to put all the questions that you feel be important. The surgery of elevator of body is made at a hospital or a surgical center of patient. The duration of this process changes according to BMI'S (index of mass of body) of the patient being operated. It could last of 4-8 hours until accomplished and will be suffie while you are under an anaesthetic general. The surgeon usually starts with the surgery in the sector of abdomen initially, there it will remove grease and skin of excess around the pubic and naval sectors, then it will reinforce and tighten the walls of muscle of the abdomen. You will horizontally have an incision along your pubic region. Grease and the skin of the excessive amounts will have left around naval and the bone of the pubic region. The remaining skin is drawn to the bottom above your naval sector and then bent in the place in the sector of the pubic incision. Your naval will be replaced in a looking at position normal. The same technique will be continued in all the buttocks and the sectors of thigh until all excessive grease and skin were removed and all was raised and sutured in the correct positions. See Body Lift before and after pics here.