Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Breast Augmentation

One of the most common used methods to enlarge breast size and to improve its shape is Breast Augmentation. This method of plastic surgery is widely used all over the world.

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Before the procedure of breast augmentation it's necessary to realize the detailed examination of the organism. The main part of the examination is visiting the mammologist that can give some recommendations to the surgeon. The size of an implant is determined by thickness, size and characteristics of glandular tissue of a patient. These calculations must be exact and detailed for the best result of the breast augmentation. In some cases the breast tightening is also recommended.

The implant made of silicone can be placed under mammary gland tissue or under the breast muscle. Nowadays implants are differentiated by their size, shape, and flexibility. The choice of the implant for breast augmentation depends not only on patient's preferences. It is necessary to hear doctor's advices. Only professional can recommend this or that kind of implant for breast augmentation according to patient's anatomical specialties.

The way of implants' placing is chosen by the surgeon. The most popular method in modern breast augmentation is placing the implants under the mammary gland. It's the best way for the surgeon to form the "pocket" under the gland. Besides, the scar after this procedure is almost invisible.

Breast augmentation can be realized by the specialist during two or even one hour. After the operation painful feelings are insignificant. A woman has to wear special kind of bra for some time. Good surgical technique makes implants appearance natural. It's important to know that breast augmentation doesn't influence on pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding of the baby.

See Breast Augmentation before and after pics here.

Breast Augmentation News

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