Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is usually made to treat scars of the aspect of the acne, the lines which very perfect are located around the sector of mouth, of the scars caused by damage (not very deeply), surface growths on the skin and of tattooings needing displacement. This process is made with the use of a made brush of the wire or an attachment of diamond wheel with the edges which are rough. Those remove the layers of skin on the higher part, the wheel or sweep rotations quickly, levelling and removing the layers of skins on the higher part. During this process the skin is wounded and bleeds, this is supposed to occur. While the damage starts to cure, the skin which is new replaces the skin which was damaged and removed by the dermabrasion. Of the facial sector is the treatment what the dermabrasion is most of the time employed above, although other sectors of the skin can be treated too. There is little for this process, but it will give you an pre-operative sheet of instruction detailed to follow, this is important to help your doctor to keep complications during the process with a minimum. The sectors of skin which will be treated will be marked and cleaned completely. An anaesthetic localised will be employed by numbing your skin before the beginnings of process, with the application of the packages of ice on these sectors during approximately 25 minutes before treatment starts. Sometimes, the doctor can use a pulverizer to freeze if it estimates that the sector of skin is not prepared rather well by the other methods. Sedation and the drug for the management of pain are also employed. The treatment is made on a sector and then on others. The doctor will stop the bleeding by the use of the gauze and then the treated sectors will be cleaned, the ointment will be applied and then they are covered with sterile raisings. See Dermabrasion before and after pics here.