Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Gastric Bypass

Nowadays Gastric Bypass is an integral part of contemporary plastic surgery. Gastric bypass is a method often used in Canada and United States of America. Medical researches demonstrate that this operation effectively helps people with abnormal weight. Gastric bypass is a way to lose weight without feeling hungry constantly as it happens during the diet.

The procedure of gastric bypass is based on the minimizing the stomach's size. During gastric bypass patient's stomach is sewn with the special kind of stitch. This stitch can be placed horizontally or vertically. After that the surgeon makes dissection of the stomach using the stitch line.

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The next stage of gastric bypass is the dissection of patient's small intestine and the junction of its distant part with the stomach that became smaller already. After these manipulations ferments produced for digestion meet food mass much later than it used to be before the gastric bypass. It means that certain part of the small intestine loses its possibility to participate in digestion.

After gastric bypass operation the person feels satisfied with the food much more quickly than it was before. In this way the amount of calories contained in food is decreased. That's the mechanism that leads the patient to the weight loss.

It's necessary to mention that all kinds of surgical operations mean the certain level of risk. Specialists strongly recommend to discuss all aspects of gastric bypass with the surgeon and therapist and to choose the optimal variant of operation and further rehabilitation.

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