Saturday, March 10, 2007

About Breast Reduction

The hypertrophy of the breast is a problem that can occur during pubescence of the woman. It can increase not only during pregnancy as often considered - it lasts during the whole life. This problem can lead to physical and psychological discomfort, pain in humeral and spinal area and even curvature of the spine. In the case of mummy gland hypertrophy the breast reduction is recommended.

Breast Reduction is an operation of excess breast tissue removing. During reduction the breast is fixed in higher position. This operation lasts two or three hours under general anesthesia. All incisions that surgeon makes are discussed with the patient before breast reduction. Breast reduction is realized using absorbable needle. After stitches are put the patient wears the bandage or special kind of bra. The result is much smaller breast shape and further positive changes in woman's health.

Before breast reduction operation a woman must discuss it with the mammologist and to make necessary tests. It's also important to learn some facts specialists recommend.

If weight loss is planed it must be realized before breast reduction but not after it. A serious weight loss can be negative for breast esthetic shape. It is also recommended to future patients to prepare to breast reduction several weeks before. During this period a woman must use vitamins and refuse of smoking.

Nowadays breast reduction is of big popularity. Unlike breast augmentation it is considered to be a necessary surgical intervention that improves not only woman's appearance but her health as well.

See Breast Reduction before and after pics here.

Breast Reduction News

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