A new mode of teaching, i.e., electrical car driving lessons has become quite popular these days, and many schools have resorted to it as well. The driving schools have started to impart driving lessons on electric cars. The driving companies have come a long way from fuel operated vehicles to semi-electric cars and now the all-new fully electric cars.

Going by the norms of the market, it is expected that electric vehicle market will boom this year as there will be immense switching from the fuel cars to the electric cars for eco- friendly reasons like saving the fuels and reduce the carbon footprint. Thus, it is one of the biggest reason that driving schools are adopting teaching in electric cars as the young drivers will be prepared for driving in the electronic age.

The new age electric cars are taking the driving schools by storm as they are the future of cars for the following reasons:

  1. Controlling pollution: The fears of rising levels of nitrogen oxide cause risk to the quality of life, switching over to electric cars is a great option. Thus as a drive for clean air, it has been a move that was definitely welcomed and much appreciated also. Using electric vehicles will become the need of the future for avoiding the impact of harsh chemicals on the environment, and thus the driving schools will also require to switch to electric cars. Since a lot of fuel is needed while teaching how to drive, it is better to teach on an electric vehicle rather than a petrol or diesel car.
  2. Economic reasons: In an electric car, the most significant benefit is that you can travel around the city at very minimal charges. For a minimum amount, you can charge the car from empty to full in less than an hour even with the domestic electricity. Also, the added advantage is that it is a low-cost mileage car, has no road tax, no congestion charges and low servicing costs. Thus both for teaching and using purposes the electric cars are the best option.
  3. Easy to drive: Life already has too many complications, and driving should not be complicated. It is effortless to drive an electric car as it can be driven on one pedal. Also, the benefit is that students can learn quickly and become more confident when their turn comes to drive on the road. Therefore it an additional benefit for both the teacher and student as it is simple to drive. One of the teachers of Speed Trafikkopplæring said that a higher number of students now request to drive with electrical cars.

Another fact that makes it more simple is that there is no involvement of smelly flammable refueling involved with these electric cars. It has just forward and reverses option, so it is not difficult to drive. The absence of clutch or shifting gears makes it peaceful and free from noise while driving. It also has the option of pre-warming during the winter months and pre-cooling in the summer months thus making it very comfortable.

We want to thank the teachers over at Trafikkskole Tønsberg – Speed Trafikkopplæring avd. Tønsberg for giving us insight for writing this article.