The job of a dentist is to help patients in taking care of their gums, teeth, and provide solutions for the same. To become a dentist, the person requires to graduate from an accredited school. It is during this process only that the students learn the various nuances of the kind of equipment that will be needed by them for future care.

X-Ray machines and other equipment:

This X-Ray machine is way different from the one that is used for other purposes. A dentist requires a dental X-Ray machine. There are other machines also, namely Panoramic machine, Intraoral machine, Dental Lasers, amongst others. Panoramic X-ray machines take the image of the entire mouth of the patient. On the other hand, the Intraoral device helps in taking the image of one tooth only. In case of some drills or to whiten the teeth, dental lasers are required. In case there is oral surgery, this will require the use of a magnifier or a microscope. An autoclave is also required to help in sterilizing the various tools.

Other tools:

Besides X-ray machines, dentists also require some manual and power tools. A tool like a dental mirror allows the dentist to see the back of the teeth of the patient and also the teeth that are hidden by the cheeks. Probes are required to explore other areas of teeth. They also use files and rasps that helps in performing a root canal. Scaler, a vital tool, is used by the dentist (Tannlege Bergen) is used to remove plaque and tartar. While performing extractions, forceps are used to grip the teeth.

Powered Equipment:

Powered scalers or mechanical scalers are used by the dentist that allows easy removal of the calculus. This machine is very efficient and also requires very less time.

These are of two types:

  • Sonic scalers: As compared to the ultrasonic scalers, this is less efficient. The Sonic scalers are usually designed for supragingival scaling. These require compressed while operating.
  • Ultrasonic scalers: An electric micromotor is installed in the system. At the tip of the system, ultrasonic frequencies are released, and vibration is produced either with the help of a magnetostrictive mechanism or with the support of the piezoelectric mechanism.

Prosthetic equipment:

This includes wax knives, impression trays and crown pullers used by the dentists quite often. The dentist might have to replace a missing tooth or might also have to use a crown that helps in repairing of the damaged teeth. With the help of impression trays, dentists can create templates for bridges and crowns. Crown pullers help the dentist to remove the cap or crown.

Saliva ejector:

It is known to be one of the most natural tools to deal with. This is a kind of a suction device with a long tube that is attached to the vacuum and helps in removing the saliva from the mouth. While undergoing the treatment, the patient is asked to close his/ her mouth so that all the accumulated water is removed.

These are electrical equipment a dentist need to perform the task.