Month: October 2019

Electrictians working

You can never perform any electrical task successfully until and unless you do not have specific right tools to perform it. As the technology is advancing, some new and latest electrical tools have been introduced that are extra improved and specialized enough to do an effortless task. But still, there are some old electrical tools utilized by electrical companies to give excellent superior results. Acording to one of the best electricians in Bergen, André Olsen (owner of Elektriker Bergen) some of the standard and most used equipment are in an electrical company are as mentioned below:

  • Pliers
  • Nut drivers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Fishing Types of equipment
  • Devices of Measurements
  • Labelling Devices
  • Hammer
  • Drills
  • Drivers
  • Power drills
  • Power saw Machines
  • Hand Used Tools

Now let’s discuss a few of the most common and most used types of equipment in electrical task one by one:



An electrician always needs side-cutting pliers to perform their task. Their task will never give relevant results without using a long nose or needle-nose pliers. These tools are specially contoured, and they are adjusted wit cushioned handles to perform your task comfortably. For having a comfortable grip, the handles of the pliers are made from black finishing material.


Next, we will be mentioning the name of screwdrivers! Screwdrivers or nut drivers are used for performing different applications in electrical tasks. Screwdrivers are available in various models and versions, where they are divided into the categories of inches. For example, 1/4-inch, as well as 3/16-inch slotted, or even 5/16-inch. It is chrome plated in the whole finishing with the comfortable cushion grip over the handle.

Labelling Devices or Machines 

Furthermore, no electrical task is complete without the use of labelling machines or devices. They are handheld devices that speed up the whole process of installation for the electrician. Some of the universal labelling machines are panel, rack & frame, wiring and cable markets. When you are purchasing labelling machines, try to look for the one that can easily stick on the rough surfaces.

Power Machinery Or Tools

Power tools are divided into the categories of corded and cordless versions. They are small in size and light in weight to handle easily. Being ergonomic in overall designing, this tool is quite easy to handle and safe as well. Most of the electricians choose cordless tools because they are much more versatile and convenient to use, which makes the whole electrician task much more productive. Some of the most common power tools are hammer, drills, and saws.

Power Drill Machines 

On the last, we have power drill machines that are another one of the most common used equipment in the electrical company. Power drill machines are available in different types and models through which you can choose the one according to your requirements and daily needs. Usually, the selection of a power drill machine depends upon the material which you want to drill. For getting fast results, you can look for cordless power drill machines with lower voltage. Such cordless drill machines are used for drilling concrete material.


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